Tea Tree Anti Dandruff Serum 50ml

Happy Heads

Your All-In-One Solution for Dandruff, Dry Skin, Itchy Scalp, Lice, Weak Hair, and More!

Tea Tree Anti-Dandruff Serum by Happy Heads nurtures the entire scalp. It targets the scalp and helps to relieve itching, inflammation, and other issues like dandruff. It is composed entirely of natural ingredients and is rich in vitamins.

Here is the ideal remedy for flaking and irritated skin. Happy Heads Tea Tree Serum for Anti-Dandruff Hair, which is created with the natural goodness of Tea Tree, has anti-bacterial and antifungal properties that help to gently treat the scalp and get rid of the germs that cause dandruff.

Our Tea Tree Hair Serum penetrates the hair deeply and promotes the growth of healthy hair by feeding hair cells and removing buildup from the shafts. Leave behind your irritated scalp and ruined tresses. Welcome to luscious, dense hair and dandruff-free skin. Dermatologists have examined this Tea Tree Hair Serum for Dandruff to ensure that it is free of harmful chemicals, pollutants, parabens, and mineral oils.

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Tea Tree Anti Dandruff Serum 50ml
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