Rosemary Hair Growth Serum 50ml

Happy Heads

The hair suffers from dryness and excess crumbling after consecutive hair styling. This magical serum will keep your hair growing and shining. 

The Happy Heads Rosemary Hair Growth Serum detangles, smoothens, and nourishes your hair to give you a neat look. This hair serum is flawless for dry and damaged hair and works wonders to revitalize and strengthen your hair follicles. This event leaves you with a smoother and more manageable appearance. The resulting shine, glow, and charisma is a lovely feeling to have.

Furthermore, the serum forms a protective layer over each strand to preserve it from flat irons, blow drying, and environmental pollution. This simple hair care protocol will help to reduce breakage by replenishing keratin loss and restoring hair strength.

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Rosemary Hair Growth Serum 50ml
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