Red onion anti Hair Fall Mask

Happy Heads

A mask is like an extra treat for your hair after shampooing. The treat becomes more exciting when your mask contains blissful red onion juice in it. Yes, onion juice relaxes the hair and gives it an extra shine. After shampooing, apply this special hair mask containing a rich extract of onion to smoothen your hair and combat frizz.

Happy Heads Red Onion Anti Hair Fall Mask contains all healthy and beneficial ingredients to improve your hair health. The mask improves blood circulation to hair follicles and roots to reduce hair fall. Onion deep conditions and hydrates hair while boosting moisture retention, and acts as a barrier of protection for the strands from sunlight, pollutants, and impurities. The rich Sulphur content in onion detangles hair gently while preventing breakage caused by washing and styling.

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Red onion anti Hair Fall Mask
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