Morphe 39S Such A Gem Artistry Eyeshadow Palette

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Introducing new silk slip toppers

Sassy pinks. Stunning purples. Rich, vibrant hues. And a touch of glitter, of course. This multi-faceted mix is your new bejeweled bestie. Use the matte, sheen, and shimmer finishes to luxe up your face and eye looks, and then smooth on our brand-new silk slip toppers for a flashy highlight or next-level eye look. Each one of these seven plush formulas has been sized up for an effect that really is extra. You‰۪ll love how these velvety babes glide on like a gel and set like a powder. And you‰۪ll be looking gorg. You know, like you do.


ROW 1:

  • Makin‰۪ BankåÊ/ shimmering lilac

  • Posh BossåÊ/ matte heather greige

  • BoujeeåÊ/ matte tropical hibiscus

  • Dazzle ‰Û÷EmåÊ/ sheer pewter shimmer

  • PearlfectionåÊ/ mother of pearl satin

  • Super SwankyåÊ/ matte latte

  • Flaunt ItåÊ/ ripe raspberry satin

  • Plums UpåÊ/ matte plummy merlot

ROW 2:

  • MauvelousåÊ/ shimmering cherry macaron

  • Pink PrizeåÊ/ matte bubblegum

  • Amethyst AweåÊ/ vibrant amethyst satin

  • Treasure TroveåÊ/ shimmering wrought iron

  • Ritzy RoseåÊ/ shimmering strawberry fros̩

  • Decadent AFåÊ/ matte chocolate caramel

  • Berry GoodåÊ/ matte hot pink carnation

  • That‰۪s TemptingåÊ/ matte mahogany rust

ROW 3:åÊNew Formula!

  • Take the CrownåÊ/ polished chrome silk slip topper

  • Oh YasssåÊ/ cotton candy silk slip topper

  • Total GoalsåÊ/ frosted berry silk slip topper

  • Catch the LightåÊ/ white gold silk slip topper

  • Bling ThingåÊ/ rose gold silk slip topper

  • Here for ItåÊ/ holographic peony silk slip topper

  • Strike a PoseåÊ/ raspberry jam silk slip topper

ROW 4:

  • Laven-dareåÊ/ sheer icy lavender shimmer

  • Purple MajestyåÊ/ matte blooming orchid

  • It‰۪s ViolitåÊ/ sheer summer violet shimmer

  • Make It ReignåÊ/ matte royal indigo

  • You FancyåÊ/ shimmering autumn blaze

  • Fame GameåÊ/ matte black walnut

  • Extra OomphåÊ/ shimmering ember

  • Wine Not?åÊ/ matte mulberry wine

ROW 5:

    • Peri-twinkleåÊ/ shimmering icy periwinkle

    • Loaded LilacåÊ/ shimmering blushy lilac

    • Grape MindsåÊ/ matte brilliant violet

    • Shiny ObjectåÊ/ shimmering steel

    • Pure LuxeåÊ/ shimmering peach

    • Show OffåÊ/ bronzed flame glitter

    • Garnet GlamåÊ/ shimmering inky garnet

    • Rocks OnåÊ/ matte obsidian with silver sparkle


  • 32 rich, vibrant shades

  • 7 super-sized silk slip toppers

  • A mix of finishes‰ÛÓfrom sheer to glitter



From posh mattes to radiant shimmers, this palette‰۪s got a stunning array of beyond-creamy shade finishes that‰۪ll give you all the feels.

  • Matte: Get major pigment payoff by applying these shades over a base of Eyelid Primer.

  • Sheer shimmer: Sweep these hues on for a soft wash of colour with a pop of sparkle.

  • Sheen: Use these hotties to give your face and eye looks some low-key luster.

  • Shimmer: These high-shine hues blend like a dream‰ÛÓno matter where you place ‰Û÷em.

  • Glitter: Pack this glitz on with your finger or a flat synthetic brush. Bam.

  • Silk slip toppers: These cream-to-powder babes glide on in range of velvety, shimmer-to-suede finishes.

Dimensions:åÊ75.7g / 2.67oz

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Morphe 39S Such A Gem Artistry Eyeshadow Palette
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