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Morhpe 35M Boss Mode Eyeshadow Palette Mp0007




Ready to show the world who‰۪s the boss? We thought so. This amped up color palette of multidimensional metallics and crazy-creamy mattes will help ya live large and take charge.
(Finish:åÊmetallic and matte)


ROW 1:

  • Light of the PartyåÊ/åÊfrosted cream shimmer

  • PopstaråÊ/åÊmetallic gilded gold

  • Stroke of LuckåÊ/åÊmatte wasabi green

  • Express Yo‰۪selfåÊ/åÊmatte moss

  • Nude TudeåÊ/åÊmatte olive

  • Green with EnvyåÊ/åÊmatte midnight green

  • Sheen StealeråÊ/åÊmetallic burnt olive


ROW 2:

  • Stand OutåÊ/åÊmetallic bronze green

  • Bold MovesåÊ/åÊmetallic golden pear

  • Electric EnergyåÊ/åÊmetallic golden sage

  • Hello SunshineåÊ/åÊmatte mustard green

  • Play it CoolåÊ/åÊmatte caramel

  • Hawt StuffåÊ/åÊmetallic copper

  • Peachy KeenåÊ/åÊmatte toffee


ROW 3:

  • Fired UpåÊ/åÊmatte apricot

  • Bright EyesåÊ/åÊmetallic amber

  • Bossy AFåÊ/åÊmetallic garnet

  • FOTDåÊ/åÊmatte red currant

  • Talk DirtyåÊ/åÊmatte chocolate truffle

  • Hot to TrotåÊ/åÊmetallic plum bronze

  • Sparks FlyåÊ/åÊmatte walnut


ROW 4:

  • ConfidenceåÊ/åÊmetallic deep coral

  • Red CarpetåÊ/åÊmatte raspberry

  • Power SlayeråÊ/åÊmatte dusty plum

  • DaredevilåÊ/åÊmetallic violet

  • Vampy VixenåÊ/åÊmatte brick red

  • Sweet BeetsåÊ/åÊmatte cranberry

  • Color PersonaåÊ/åÊmetallic cranberry


ROW 5:

  • TransformeråÊ/åÊmatte navy blue

  • Center of AttentionåÊ/åÊmetallic midnight blue

  • Indi-glow KweenåÊ/åÊmetallic plum

  • Grape ExpectationsåÊ/åÊmetallic electric purple

  • Candy CrushåÊ/åÊmatte pomegranate

  • Sultry WaysåÊ/åÊmetallic smoky eggplant

  • Black MagicåÊ/åÊmatte black


Net Weight:åÊ51.1 g / 1.8 oz

Brands Ville caters to an easy return policy if the customer is not completely satisfied with any products or items. Customers can notify us through email within 30 days of the receipt of the order or 90 days of order placement. The authorization can only make returns to the customer services centre. In case of any issue with the purchased product, either customer has ordered the wrong product or does not want to use it; the Brands Ville facilitates the customers to return the product for a full refund. Please be noted that only the unopened and unused products must be returned, and the postage cost will be on the customer. Brands Ville will bear the returning postage cost only in case of a defective item or delivering the wrong order by mistake. Note that the customer needs to place an order carefully in the case of fragrance as the return policy does not apply to perfumes and fragrances. In case of order return, the customer must have; Noted an order number or a copy of the delivery receipt Return authorization obtained from the customer services centre Mentioned reason for the return of the order Before returning the parcel, make sure that it’s well packed and being sent through a registered postal service to avoid any damage in transit.
Morhpe 35M Boss Mode Eyeshadow Palette Mp0007
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