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Karin Herzog Additional Sweet Nourishing face Cream 50ml


Rich in vitamins and nourishing elements, this comfort cream nourishes and protects the skin. As a complement to an oxygen treatment, it brings greater comfort during the natural collagen production period and protects against sensations of pulling and dryness. It is also ideal as a makeup base. Creamy texture, pleasant fragrance.


Karin Herzog E & R Anti Aging Corrector Serum 15ml


Fluid face serum that helps to lift, fight wrinkles and is moisturizing based on hyaluronic acid combined with Vitamins. E and B3 and extracts of Chamomile. This combination of highly effective elements naturally fills in wrinkles and fine lines, smoothes, nourishes and protects the skin. The E&R serums are remarkably effective against the advancing age and wrinkles. They restore youthfulness and vitality to the skin.


Karin Herzog Ee Express Effect Face Cream 30 Ml


Ultra-smooth cream which takes away tiredness and immediately gives a pure and radiant look to the skin.

Instantly smooth skin: The unique composition of rose and orange water together with organic essential oils – Mentha Piperita and Lemon Citrus - will leave the skin fresh, calmed and visibly smoothened.

De-stressed skin: Arnica Montana reduces stress and its signs on the skin, while sodium bicarbonate purifies the appearance of the epidermis.


Karin Herzog Essential Mask Hydrating Face Mask 50ml


This face mask brings deep-down moisturization, fighting the appearance of fatigue and toning the skin for fresh and matte beauty results. Formulated with 2% active oxygen associated with essential oils of citrus fruit, vitamin A and trace elements, it regulates oiliness prone skin and helps to redefine the facial contours for a genuine boost of radiance! Suitable for all, even the most sensitive skin types.


Karin Herzog Hands & Nail Hand Cream 50 Ml


Non oily nourishing hand cream formulated with 1% active oxygen to moisturize, repair and soothe dry or damaged hands while protecting them against cutaneous aging.


Karin Herzog Mild Scrub Face Scrub 50 Ml


Thanks to its composition including finely crushed white marble, this scrub eliminates impurities without causing irritation.

Containing no chemical agents, it delivers gentle action to help stimulate cellular renewal. Perfectly suited to sensitive skin. Skin becomes immediately softer and more luminous.


Karin Herzog Tonic Lotion 200ml


Final touch in makeup removal, this natural lotion refreshes the skin and dissolves hard water deposits that dull the complexion. Formulated with non skin-drying floral water, it soothes irritation while leaving skin moisturized and toned.


Karin Herzog White Morning Illuminating Face Cream 50ml


This cream is specifically designed for people looking for a gradual solution, without side effects, to reduce the appearance of pigmentation spots and uniform skin tone.

Its formula is ideal to help clear up sun spots, as well as hormonal discoloration.

  • White lily oil is known for its ability to make the skin brighter and help reduce dark marks on the skin.
  • Marshmallow Absolute calms the skin, reduces redness, and boosts cell regeneration.
  • Indian Gooseberry is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants which play an important role in reducing skin blemishes and pigmentation, reviving the skin texture and making it smooth and radiant.